Congratulations, you’re in business!

January 27, 2011 at 11:25 pm (Business, Business Taxes)

Are you among the self-employed? Well, if you are in business for yourself, work as an independent contractor or a combination of the two, then yes, you are definitely self-employed. You are still self-employed for the income you receive from your business even if you are employed as an employee at another job from which you receive a W-2 statement at the end of the year.

Operating a business comes with a plethora of responsibilities of which many people overlook. It is important to remember to acquire all the necessary licenses and permits, acquire the appropriate tax identification number for which you qualify, keep good and accurate records throughout the year, file the appropriate tax forms and pay the necessary taxes for your business in a timely manner. These responsibilities do not stop at the federal level. It is vitally important to find out what is required of business owners in your particular state, and in some cases, those of your city as well. Disorganized records, taxes filed late and paid late or not at will cost you dearly in fees and fines.

Taking care of the necessary research and creating an organized, well-maintained business, no matter what kind of business, will reward you far beyond the financial profits you will accrue. Take pride in the fact that you are the captain of your own financial ship, navigating that ship through the Sea of Success!


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